All Waste Provides Affordable Waste Removal

We know that waste removal prices are an important part of your decision-making process. Even if you want our help, you’re probably not going to hire us if the cost of our services is too expensive. That’s why we’re working to provide waste removal prices that anyone can afford. Keep reading to learn how much you’ll pay for All Waste’s help.

How Our Pricing Works

No two waste removal jobs are exactly the same. That’s why we’re happy to provide all of our customers with free quotations. We base these quotes on how difficult your job will be for us to complete safely and successfully. The best way to receive a free quote is to contact us directly on 0208 087 2434 or 07791 094685.

Once you’ve received a quote for your job, you don’t have to accept it right away. Instead, we’ll give you the time you need to consider your other options. We strive to provide the lowest waste removal prices in the South London area.

That being said, if you are somehow able to find a lower quote from a competitor, we’ll make every effort to match it. This enables you to enjoy our superior service without having to pay extra for it. It’s another feature that sets us apart from other London area waste removal companies.

Fixed-Price Options

We’re always happy to provide you with a free quote based on your specific waste removal needs. However, we also offer fixed-price options for several of our most popular services. For example, we can handle your sofa removal for £30 for a single, £50 for a double, or £65 for a sofa bed. Below, you’ll find a few more of our fixed price options.


  • Single – £30
  • Double – £40
  • XL – £50
  • Other – £P.O.A

Fridges / Freezers

  • Single – £40
  • Double – £50
  • American Fridges – £80
  • Commercial – £80-120
  • Industrial/Other – £P.O.A.

Light Mixed Waste

  • Single Item Collection – £35 (70kg max weight)
  • Small Load Charge – £50 (4-7 bin bags, 100kg max weight)
  • 1/4 Load Charge – £80 (8-15 bin bags, 250kg max weight)
  • 1/2 Load Charge – £150 (20-35 bin bags, 350kg max weight)
  • 3/4 Load Charge – £210 (40-55 bin bags, 500kg max weight)
  • Full Load Charge – £250 (60-80 bin bags, 800kg max weight)
  • Extra Large Load – £280 (85-120 bin bags, 1,000kg max weight)

Mixed Waste Skips

  • 4yrd – £100
  • 6yrd – £155
  • 8yrd – £220
  • 10yrd – £260
  • 12yrd – £300
  • 14+yrd – £350

Getting Started with London Waste Removal

There’s no reason to let that mess sit on your property for another day. With our affordable waste removal prices, you can take care of it right away. Getting started with our London waste removal service is easy. Simply reach out to us to begin.

You can reach All Waste in several ways. You can call us on 0208 087 2434 or 07791 094685. We’re also reachable on WhatsApp on +44 773 817 7233. Or, you can fill out this online contact form and we’ll contact you soon.