Recycling Surrey

If you are as passionate about looking after our environment as we are, you’ll love our recycling services. Here at All Waste London, we will happily accept many different types of waste and recycle it.

We know that looking after our planet is crucial. This is why we will always do what we can to recycle or reuse as much as possible.

We don’t believe in sending waste to the landfill if it can be recycled. We think our landfills are already too full. So let us help you by recycling your waste so you feel better about us removing it from your home or premises.

What Waste Do We Remove Recycling Surrey

What Waste do we Accept?

We happily accept the following waste from your home or your business premises:
  • Concrete – We can take away dry concrete that is broken up so we can load it easily
  • Fabric – If you have fabric that you no longer want, we can remove it
  • Glass – We will happily remove any glass that’s contained within a frame. We will also remove sheet glass
  • Metals – We can remove aluminium, copper and iron in addition to other metals
  • Paper – We are happy to remove paper
  • Plastics – We can remove all kinds of plastic
  • Soil – Let us remove soil from your home. We can even take away your topsoil should you wish us to
  • Tiles – We can take away your old tiles
  • Wood – Whether the wood you have had been painted or treated, we can remove it

If you would like us to remove and recycle anything that is not included in the list please contact us. We are here to help you. Here at All Waste London, we like to think we know more than a thing or two about recycling waste. We have been in this industry since the millennium and we can help you.

Our Recycling Services

Please ask us about our recycling services. We’re happy to talk about them with you

We believe in being open and honest about our recycling methods and procedures. When you know your rubbish is in good hands you can have peace of mind.

We are known for recycling as much as possible. In fact, we will go out of our way to recycle just about anything. It’s part of who we are and we think our customers appreciate this.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We always work to ensure the services we offer you are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. We’ll remove your waste so that it can be recycled
  2. We’ll leave the area clean and tidy so you have less work to do
  3. We’ll recycle as much as we can

We will remove and recycle as much of your domestic, garden, or commercial waste as possible.

Book your waste removal and recycling service today or ask us for a tailor-made clearance solution. Call us now on: 0208 087 2434

Alternatively, you can book online using this link. We look forward to hearing from you.